Bellow you can find valuable information about, arriving in Sweden

Svenska Bussarna drives to Ukraine with Humanitarian aid

Good to know when arriving to Sweden


1. Healthcare:

All children under the age of 18 have the right to free medical care without having applied for a residence permit or asylum. Adults who are in need of emergency care are also entitled to this. 

If you need to seek medical assistance you can find updated information on the web: or call 1177. You can also call +46 771 1177 00. In case of emergency, call 112.

General information

Information for Stockholm county

2. Accommodation:

The Swedish Migration Agency will help you with accommodation if you have not already arranged this yourself. You can be placed to stay in different parts of Sweden as the placement is subject to access to accommodation, this is something you can not choose yourself. 

If you have relatives in Sweden, the Swedish Migration Agency will work towards trying to arrange accommodation in the same city as you have relatives in..

3. Suggestions for Facebook groups:

Social Media, relevant FB groups for Ukrainian refugees in Sweden

4. Security:

Important Phone Numbers
Police: 112
Non-emergency police cases: 114
Health Care Hotline: 1177
Information about COVID in Sweden: 113 13
Emergency number for missing children: 116 000


Information about the national alarm signal commonly known as “Hesa-Fredrik”: The alarm signal is for Important Message and Dangers and is tested nationally at 15.00 on the first non-holiday Monday in March, June, September and December. When tested, information is also given on the radio. The test is not performed via SMS. If the alarm is signalled at other times, it means it is not a test.

5. Contact information for Ukrainian Embassy of sweden:

Address: Stjärnvägen 2A, 181 50, Lidingö
Opening hours: by appointment
Phone: +46 (0)8-522 284 01
Embassy Emergency contact information
In cases of emergency life-threatening situations: +46 70 407 61 03
For consular issues: +46 85 222 84 04

6. Contact information for Ukrainian Embassy of sweden:

Ukrainian Community of Sweden
(Українська Громада Швеції/
Ukrainska Sällskapet i Sverige)
Org.No: 802411-3733
Post-Giro: 259380-4
Acting Chairman: Yaroslav Kaspriv
Tel.: +46 762672834

Ukrainian Alliance of Sweden
(Український Альянс Швеції/
Ukrainska Alliansen i Sverige)
Address: Hyltegården 63,
436 34 Askim
Org.No: 802448-2534
Plusgiro: 5 10 39-6
Chairwoman: Tetyana Rep
Tel.: +46 737310094

Ukrainian Institute of Sweden

(Український інститут у Швеції/
Ukrainska Institutet i Sverige)
Org.No: 802487-3690
Director: Natalya Pasichnyk
Facebook profile page: Ukrainska
Institutet i Sverige
Twitter: @UkrInstitutet


Ukrainian Women’s Association
in Sweden (Українська Жіноча
Організація в Швеції/Ukrainska
Kvinnoföreningen i Sverige)
Org.No: 802412-1801
Chairwoman: Zoryana Kiktsö4
Tel.: +46 739751715
Facebook profile page: Ukrainska
Kvinnoföreningen i Sverigе
Українська Жіноча
Організація в Швеції

Swedish Cossacks (Шведські
козаки/ Svenska kosacker)
IF “Svenska kosacker”
Address: c/o “Sergnes AB”,
Lutzengatan 9, 115 20, Stockholm
Chairman: Alexander Erikson
Tel.: +46 762882039



Nordic Ukraine Forum
Chairman: Alina Zubkovych
Facebook profile page: Nordic
Ukraine Forum

Ukrainian community in
Gothenburg (Українська
громада у м.Гетеборг/Ukrainska
sällskapet i Göteborg)
Org.No: 802439-9811
Chairwoman: Oleksandra Tershak
Facebook profile page: Ukrainska
sällskapet i Göteborg