About Us

Svenska Bussarna is a non profit initiative working with humanitarian help for Ukraine.

We started 28/02-2022

Svenska Bussarna is a non profit initiative that is focusing on humanitarian help for Ukraine. We are constantly adapting our deliveries and operations to what is needed. Some things that has been done up top this date is the following. 

Donated 15 Cars including 3 ambulances to organizations and a hospital

Delivered over 50 tons of humanitarian aid to where it has been needed the most.

Transported more than 700 women and children from the warzone to safety.


Our Story

Svenska Bussarna is an initiative started on the 28th of February 2022. The initiative was started in connection with the refugee crisis that arose when Russia invaded Ukraine.

The goal of Svenska Bussarna was initially to help those in need in Ukraine with necessities (medicine, health care products, food, electronics etc) as well as helping people get from Ukraine to Sweden and also further to safety in other countries within Europe. But as the situation changed so did also the need for help, we are therefore constantly changing and adapting to help in the best way possible.

Right now our focus has mostly been to deliver medicine and other Humanitarian aid to hospitals and people in need.


Our Mission

We are constantly in contact with organizations and partners in Ukraine that provide us with the latest information about how the situation is escalating. This enables us to quickly be able to know what is needed the most.

Without the help fron YOU and all the individuals and companies that donate to us none of the work that we have done so far would have been possible, so, thank YOU. Slava Ukraini.